Today our team has been busy trimming a Leylandii conifer hedge in Leicester. This job was carried out for a regular client and is done every year without fail.

Leylandii hedging is a constant source of our work here at Abbott & Son Trees, with a large amount of regular customers using our services in Leicester and the surrounding areas. We always instil into our customers the importance of regular hedge maintenance, particularly with this variety which is notoriously fast growing. Cutting at least once a year creates a nice compact hedge which can really help set off a garden. On the other hand, if left they can quickly become an eyesore to both the client and neighbours. With Leylandii especially, once the sides of the hedge are left to go, they are very hard to get back under control. Cutting anywhere beyond the green growth on the outer tips will result in a bare hedge. The tops are a bit more forgiving and can be reduced harder. We would therefore suggest for those on a budget to keep on top of trimming the sides of your hedge as a bare minimum.

A nice crisp edge left follow an annual trim

For all advice on conifer trimming in Leicester and beyond please contact us, and we will be delighted to arrange a free site visit and quotation.